Paper Shower Coffee Hour

On Sunday, February 10th we will be hosting a “Paper Shower Coffee Hour” following the church service. The idea of a “Paper Shower” was started by Alice Divis years ago as a way to help the church financially by asking members and friends of the church to donate much needed supplies. These supplies are collected on a single day, and used throughout the year.

In honor of Alice Divis, we continue the tradition today. Through your generous donations, we are able to keep our ongoing cost down.

The following is a list items needed:
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Sandwich Ziplock Bags
Liquid Hand Soap
7-9 Ounce Paper or Plastic Cups
8 Ounce Coffee Cups
Dish Detergent
6-7” Dessert Paper Plates
Plastic Forks
Juice (We Use 64 Ounces a Week)
Decaf Coffee
Decaf Tea
Regular Tea
No Napkins – We Still Have Plenty

There will be refreshments including a cake honoring Alice Divis and giving thanks to all of you for your generous donations.
Thank You!!!!