Nutmeg Fair

Thank you, everyone, for all you did to help make the Nutmeg Fair a success. We clearly had a better than average turnout. Extra efforts were made in publicity. The 37 Baskets were top notch. Vintage donations were outstanding. The Bake Sale was a complete
sellout! The Snack Bar was in hyper drive. We had to ask people to stop shopping to come to the Basket Drawing. Here’s a preliminary total for each area:
Basket Tea Cup Raffle: $1,246.00
Tag Sale: $1,114.63
Vintage: $500.00
Bake Sale: $580.00
Snack Bar & Apple Pie Sale: $1,019.75
Tables Fees: $125.00
Grand Total $4,585.38
Special Thanks to Fair Weather Acres in Rocky Hill for their donation of the pumpkins!
We would love to hear your ideas for next year!
Ginny Pierson & Lorrie Huffaker

The main event may be over, but we’re not done yet! The tag sale room has re-opened for donations. The bins are waiting for your no-longer-needed items. Need some charitable deductions for 2017? No problem, bring in your goods before 12/31 and take a form from the pocket on the outside of the door.