Sunday School News


March roared in like a lion and the lion continued to roar as we all prayed for spring! The Sunday school was very busy preparing for Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection. We invited the congregation to help us complete our Sunday school bulletin board by writing postcards to Jesus. The board looked beautiful and the messages to Jesus were very special and moving. We thank all who contributed postcards!

The preschool through grade 1 class has been busy talking about Jesus’ best friends, the 12 Disciples. The children learned how Jesus performed miracles to heal people who were sick, blind, or lame. They also learned how Jesus fed thousands with just a small offering of bread and fish from a young boy, walked on water, and calmed a stormy sea. We ended the month with a discussion about Palm Sunday.

The children in grades 2–4 continue to read the book, Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt, by Anne Rice. The children are learning what it was like in Egypt and Israel when Jesus was a young boy. This historical fiction book has helped them to make a connection to Jesus on their level and has assisted them in understanding some of the teachings and laws from the Old Testament.

The children in grades 5–7 continue to work through the Old Testament stories. They have wonderful discussions about the lessons learned in these stories and they are making connections to their own lives and the world today. April showers are the inspiration for studying Noah this month. Hopefully, we won’t have cause to build an ark!

The Pre-Confirmation class has been doing an in-depth study of the books of the Bible. They are learning who wrote the books, how the books are organized, what the main messages are in each book, and how the books relate to their lives. They have had great discussions and their knowledge base is growing rapidly!

Our mission for this month continues to be Feed My Starving Children. Donation envelopes are available in the Narthex or you can request one from the office. We hope everyone can give a little something to help us meet our goal of raising $2600. It only costs $0.25 per day to feed a child. You can feed a child for a week by giving up one cup of Starbuck’s! As always, we thank you for your generosity.

The children performed the song, “He’s the King of Everything” on Palm Sunday and brought smiles to everyone with their song and dance! We followed the performance with a Sunday school coffee hour and served the congregation cupcakes, fruit, bagels, popcorn, pretzels, chips, rice crispy treats, cheese and crackers, cookies, coffee, tea, and juice. A good time was had by all. I thank all the families for the wonderful treats, the children for their service, Nancy Clayton and Tammy Steele for all the kitchen help, and the many others who helped with clean up!

Happy Easter to all!

In His Service, Pam Jones


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