Sunday School News

December is our favorite month in Sunday school. We celebrate the birth of Jesus through stories, songs, and our Christmas pageant. Our first pageant rehearsal on November 18 kicked-off our celebration of the season. The Herrera family wrote the script for us this year and it is exciting! We think you will all enjoy the performance on Sunday, December 17 and hope you can all be there!
What are you thankful for? That is exactly what we asked the congregation. On November12, hand-cut fall leaves were distributed and everyone was asked to fill in the statement, “I am thankful for…” The children helped the adults staple their leaves to the bulletin board in the Sunday school wing. Although it will be changed to a Christmas board in December, we are going to display the leaves in the social hall to remind everyone to give thanks every day. Take time to read them some Sunday.SundaySchoolTurkey
We thank all who donated to the Sunday school’s special collection on November 5 to help the youth group with Operation Christmas Child. Through your generosity we collected $276.25 to cover fees to ship the boxes to children in need. The preschool through grade 1 class constructed 6 boxes that day with help from Miss Emma, Mr. Scott, and Ms. Pam. It was a great project and we had fun putting the items in the box. The youth group had a successful collection and the Sunday school is proud to have been a part of the project!
Our classroom studies have been very successful as well. The pre-confirmation class is busy learning the names and attributes of God. These names appear in different parts of the Bible and have different meanings. The two most common names are Yahweh and Elohim. Ask one of the pre-confirmation children to explain the meanings to you.
The grades 5–7 class has continued their study of prayer. They have discussed all of the types of prayer and the key elements that create a prayer. They have written a class prayer and they are busy finalizing it for publication. We will put it in the next newsletter. They have just begun their study of the Old Testament with the story of Jacob.
The children in preschool through grade 3 classes have been focused on the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. We all read, The Small One, by Alex Walsh. It is a story about a small donkey near the town of Nazareth who can no longer carry big loads like the younger donkeys. The donkey’s owner sends his son into town to sell the donkey, but no one is willing to buy him because he is so small. Finally, the boy meets a man who is in need of a donkey to carry his pregnant wife on a long journey. The man pays one silver coin for the donkey. The boy is happy that his donkey has a new, special purpose. This story has given the younger children a wonderful image about how God provided for Mary and Joseph’s long journey to Bethlehem. The book will be available in the church library.
We wish all of you a happy holiday season. We love Jesus and are so excited to celebrate his birth! In the words of one of our youngest children, “I am thankful for God who gave us Jesus.”
In His Service,
Pam Jones

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