Wednesday, February 17th 7:00 p.m

We will have our Ash Wednesday Service at the church for anyone who is interested in coming. It will immediately follow our prayer time from 6:30 –7:00 p.m. The service will be live via Facebook for those who would like to join with us and we will be celebrating Holy Communion. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the season of Lent, the 40 days prior to Easter minus the 6 Sundays, when the church prepares to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday morning. This is a time of self-reflection and evaluation, a timeto search our hearts to rid ourselves of those things that may hinder our relationship with God. Many churches use this as a time of self-denial when people give up something so that they can spend more time in prayer as well as take any money they may save and give it to those in need. The challenge for us is what do we give up. Some give up coffee, chocolates, desserts, etc.and this is all well and good. I would like to challenge us a congregation to consider maybe giving up 30 minutes a day of television, or reading, or recreation and use that time to spend in prayer for the church, for each other and for yourself that you might grow in yourrelationship with the Lord.

Apple pie fundraiser

Our homemade apple pie fundraiser continues in 2020!

Proceeds benefit First Congregational Church.
Pricing: personal size $7; 9” pie $12; deep dish or 10” $17
There will be a work session on 10/24/2020 to assemble the pies. Organizers and workers will have temperatures taken, be required to wear masks, wash hands, and wear gloves. Stations will be disinfected and prepared. Some people will be in the kitchen and follow social distancing protocol and apple peelers, packers spread out in the fellowship hall. All pie orders MUST be picked up on October 24th by 1:00/1:30 pm. No exceptions. We do not have freezer space.

Reopening of the Church

SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2020 9:30 A.M. UPDATED

Please download our updated Safe Worship Guidelines

The number one rule of thumb is –If you don’t feel well or have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus, please stay home and watch us on Facebook.Upon entering the church, you will notice a number of changes.

1. You will only be able to enter the church through the Sanctuary front door unless you are handicapped and then special arrangements will be made. All other doors will be locked.

2. Rev 6/14/21: Face masks are optional within the building for if you are fully vaccinated. Facemasks will be available to those who wish to wear one, are not fully vaccinated or who do not want to disclose their vaccination status.

3. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering and leaving the church as well as in common areas.

4. Every other pew will be marked off to remain empty to maintain proper physical distancing.Look for the pews with the cushions in them.The balcony will be available to able-bodied congregation members, when necessary, to address over-crowding.

5. Families are asked to sit together.

6. All Hymnals and Bibles have been removed from the Sanctuary.

7. There will bean Offering plate on the communion table. No offering will be received during the service.

8.Everyone is asked to wear a face mask during the service. Facemasks will be available to those who don’t have one.

9. Communion: will be provided via a single-use cup which will be picked up on entry into the sanctuary.

10. On Monday morning, our sexton will go through the church and sterilize all the pews, bathrooms, door handles and railings, etc. with a disinfectant.

11. We will continue to live stream on Facebook for those who are unable to or feel uncomfortable returning to the church so that they can still participate with us. All Facebook posts are accessible via our church website.

12. If you would like to receive a printed copy of the service(including the call to worship and the sermon), please let Tammy or Pastor Doug know so that a copy can be sent to you.

The Bible says that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love the Lord and walk according to His purpose. By following these guidelines, we are now meeting safely as a family of God. In His Love and Service,
~Pastor Doug and your Deacon Board

There will be no children’s programs until further notice. (We pray we can start up in the fall).WE APPRECIATE EVERYONE’S CO-OPERATIONAS WE WORK ON GETTING BACK TOGETHER. I look forward to seeing everyone who feels comfortable coming to church on June 21st, but I especially look forward to when we can all gather and feel safe.