Charter Members

Capt. John Savage Mrs. Thomas Stow, Sr.
Mrs. John Savage Mrs. Daniel White, Sr.
Sergt. Wm. Savage Mrs. Joseph White
Mrs. Wm. Savage Mrs. Daniel Clark
Mr. Thomas Ranney Mrs. Jonathan Warner
Mrs. Thomas Ranney Mrs. Nathaniel Savage
Mr. John Ranney Widow Shepard
Mrs. John Ranney Samuel Hall
Mr. Joseph Ranney Samuel Gibson
Mrs. Joseph Ranney
Mr. Samual Stow
Widow Nathaniel White
Mr. Joseph White

All of these persons, except for the widow Mary White, were dismissed from the church of the South Society of Middletown. Also, Samuel Hall and Samuel Gibson were received into the church at the same time.

This was the first and only pastorate for Joseph Smith and for twenty-one years he gave his life to its ministry. When he died, he was buried in the Old Burying Ground Cemetery (on the corner of Timber Hill and Ranney Roads) where his grave is marked by a table stone and name plate. His original plaque was made of lead and was removed to make bullets.