Confirmation is held for young people entering 8th and 9th grade and runs from the second Sunday of September until the first Sunday of June, when the students are confirmed during the church service. Confirmation classes are run on the even numbered years (2018, 2020) so that class sizes will be large enough for meaningful discussions.

The purpose of Confirmation is to provide the opportunity for the young person to affirm their Christian faith for themselves that their parents began at their baptism.

The Confirmation class meets weekly, usually after the Sunday service, and study is centered around:

1. Studying the Bible and understanding how it applies to their lives today.
2. An in-depth look at what it means to practice a Biblical World View.
3. A study of Christianity, its history and the formation of denominations. They will also look at other world religions and how they differ from the Christian belief.
4. Learning about First Congregational Church, its history and how it lives out the Christian faith in today’s world.

This is done through reading the Bible, guest speakers, special projects, visiting other churches, and open discussions with each other.