Past Sermons

All services start on Sunday at 9:30 am.

2020 Sermons

03.15.20: Don’t Commit Adultery, Be Faithful
03.08.20: Don’t Misuse God’s Name, Do Give Honor to His Name
03.01.20: Don’t Take Life, Do Give Life, Speak Life
02.23.20: Don’t Steal, Do share what You Have
02.16.20: Don’t Hold a Grudge – Do Forgive
02.09.20: Don’t Compromise – Do Stand Up Straight
02.02.20: Don’t Cause Division, Seek to be Peace Makers
01.26.20: Don’t be angry, be Compassionate
01.12.20: Communicating with others
01.05.20: What’s New

2019 Sermons

12.29.19: Seek the Lord, While He May be Found! (guest speaker Josef Herz)
12.22.19: The Incarnation
12.08.19: Christmas Cantata
12.01.19: Fruits of the Spirit – Self Control
11.24.19: 5 Kernels of Corn
11.10.19: Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness
11.03.19: Glorifying God with Joy (guest speaker: Rev. Daniel Warriner)
10.27.19: Fruit of the Spirit – Goodness
10.20.19: Fruit of the Spirit – Patience
10.13.19: Fruit of the Spirit – Peace
10.06.19: Fruit of the Spirit – Joy
09.29.19: Fruit of the Spirit – Love
09.08.19: Fruits of the Spirit – called to be Bearers of Fruit
09.01.19: Ezekiel: The Valley of Dry Bones
08.25.19: More than we can think (by Joseph Herz)
08.11.19: Job: The luckiest man in the world — or was he?
08.04.19: Solomon: Ask for Wisdom and What Does it Look like?
07.28.19: Elijah and Elisha – Two Men of God
07.21.19: The People’s Choice vs God’s Choice
07.14.19: In whom do you put your trust?
07.07.19: Faith is holding fast to the end
06.30.19: Sink or Swim, You Decide
06.23.19: Cain – The Road…is Paved with Good Intentions
05.26.19: God is Love
05.19.19: Testing What Spirit is Speaking
05.12.19: Characteristics of Godly Women in the Bible and Throughout History
04.28.19: Love in Action
04.21.19: The Easter Conspiracy
04.14.19: The Reason the Son of God Appeared Was to Destroy the Devil’s Work
04.07.19: What it means to be a Child of God
03.31.19: Do Not Love the World, Avoid False Teachings
03.24.19: What is this new Commandment?
03.17.19: Walking in the Light
03.03.19: A Christian Perspective on Suffering.
02.24.19: Asking Questions
02.17.19: Jesus shows us how to Love
02.10.19: God the Creator Created
02.03.19: God does not make junk
01.27.19: Behold Your Future
01.13.19: Jesus reveals who God is
01.06.19: Life is both tragic and beautiful

2018 Series: I am a Church Member, I will…
09.30.18: Functioning Member
10.07.18: Be an Unifying Member
10.14.18: Not let my Church be about me
10.21.18 Pray for my Church Leaders
10.28.18 Financially Support as I am Able
11.04.18 Treasure Membership as a Gift
11.11.18 Lead my family to be healthy members
11.18.18 Participate in the Life of the Church

2018 Series: Lessons Learned from People in the Bible:

01.14.18: Adam & Eve
01.21.18: Abraham
02.04.18: Sarah & Hagar
02.11.18: Isaac & Ishmael
02.18.18: Esau & Jacob
02.25.18: Rachab the Harlot
03.04.18: Joseph
03.11.18: Moses
03.18.18: Mother Teresa
04.08.18: Joshua & Caleb
04.15.18: Balaam
04.22.18: Elisha
05/06/18: King David
05.13.18: Mary
05.20.18: Nehemiah
05.27.18: Daniel
06.17.18: Peter
06.24.18 Paul
07.01.18: Timothy
07.15.18: Jezebel
07.22.18: Judas
07.29.18: Zacchaeus
08.26.18: Joanna
08.12.18: Matthew the Tax Collector

Additional 2018 Sermons
01.07.18 Ephesians Something New
01.28.18 What in Whom do You Find Courage and Strength?
03.25.18 Look, the Whole World has Gone After Him
04.01.18 Easter: If He is Risen – There can be only Two Responses
07.08.18 How to Forgive by John Tomasulo
09.02.18 Lessons Learned from a Faithful Servant: Bonhoeffer
09.07.18 Pray for the city you live in
09.16.18 Then You will pray and I Will Listen
12.02.18 Prayer of a Different Kind
12.23.18 The Christ Child’s name is Jesus
12.30.18 A New Creation, Again

2017 Sermons:

09.24.17 Sermon on The Mount – Giving to The Needy
10.15.17 Sermon on The Mount – Balancing Our Treasures
10.22.17 Sermon on The Mount – Do Not Worry
10.29.17 Sermon on The Mount – Are We to Judge
11.05.17 Sermon on The Mount – Ask – Seek- Knock
11.12.17 Sermon on The Mount – The Narrow and Wide Gates
11.19.17 Colonial Sunday The Wise and the Foolish Builders
11.26.17  Born To Die – Die To Live
12.03.17 Galatians 4:4-5 Christmas is not Just an Event
12.24.17 Upsetting The Cart
12.31.17 The Giving of Gifts by Rev. Dave Thorgate