Funeral services are provided for both members, friends and strangers who are seeking a memorial or graveside service for a loved one.

We recognize that this is a very sorrowful time in the lives of those who remain and the minister will work closely with the family members to make this a time of remembering and celebrating the one who has passed.

There are fees for the Pastor, Organist and Sexton that apply for services provided and will be discussed when the family meets with the pastor.

The ladies of the church, upon request can provide a collation for the family following the burial service. A form is available for the family when meeting with the pastor.

The church provides, free of charge a form titled, “Putting Your House in Order”. The different sections on the form are:

  1. Personal Information: present and past family history, education, occupation, hobbies
  2. Business Information: policies, credtit cards, checking & saving, stocks, wills, attorneys, etc.
  3. Funeral Information: executor, funeral home, cemetery, cremation? Clergy, obituary, etc.
  4. Religious Background Information:
  5. Funeral Service
  6. Copy of a Living Will

Once you fill out the form, give copies to your lawyer, children and clergyman.