Wheels for the World

2018 is going to be a banner year for (Wheels for the World) WFTW. Our typically “slow” season we have received numerous calls from agencies and individuals wanting to know more about the ministry, where and when they can donate. January we collected 11 wheelchairs. We shipped 45 chairs, 30 each of walkers, pairs of crutches and canes to the refurbishing center in Cheshire.
February is upon us and so far, we have collected 11 custom adult wheelchairs. Our goal for CT in 2018 is to collect 400 chairs. (We almost did it last year).
In addition to wheelchairs we collect folding aluminum walkers, metal crutches and canes. We are unable to collect wooden devices as the humidity and insect infestation in some locations make unsuitable conditions for wood. Larger medical items, shower chairs, beds, bedside commodes, medical supplies, etc. are not accepted by WFTW. Here in CT we are building a network of loan- closet contacts that often need and can use the items we cannot. If you have such a donation we can assist you in getting it to someone here that can benefit from it. No money ever exchanges hands for these donations.
Before sending this type of equipment elsewhere, we thought perhaps we would let our congregation become aware that we do have other types of medical equipment, and if they need or know someone else in need of such equipment, we ask for your help in bridging our communication gap.
We recently received 2 fully-functional electric hospital beds with standard hospital (covered) mattresses. We have 4 Hoyer-lift devices with slings, we have bedside commodes of all sizes, over-bed tables, shower chairs and benches. We do also have the wooden crutches and canes and we forward them along to Easter Seals. We have various pieces and parts of Physical therapy equipment that bolt to walkers or wheelchairs, as well as those freestanding items sometimes. We are NOT A WHEELCHAIR LOAN CLOSET. WFTW does not “lend” wheelchairs, walkers, crutches or canes to people. We can, however, direct to the nearest loan-closet to you.
Cindy Dunbar
Chair Corps CT, State Coordinator Wheels for the World
Joni and Friends, IDC 203-235-4686

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Wheels for the World provides the gift of mobility and hope of the gospel to those affected by disability worldwide. People with limited mobility are tragically often excluded from life in their communities because they have no way of moving around. Receiving a wheelchair allows them to attend school and church, therefore becoming part of their communities and villages, changing their lives forever.