Wheels for the World

Local News:
In July 2018, four of our members coordinated the statewide collection of mobility devices from across CT. These and more were loaded onto a truck and shipped to California for refurbishing:

  • 387 wheelchairs
  • 550 walkers
  • 635 pairs of crutches
  • 180 canes

Through October 2018, our church helped collect over 300 wheelchairs, and by 12/31 we are hoping to exceed our 2017 collection of 385 chairs! A collection site has been set up at the Cromwell Municipal Recycling Center on Shunpike Road.

We have also added to the ranks of CT Chair Corps volunteers. We now have 10 members across the state. We have other volunteers when large projects arise, like the truck loading for the above transport or the annual WIHS wheelchair drive. above transport or the annual WIHS wheelchair drive.

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What is Wheels for the World?
Wheels for the World (WFTW) provides the gift of mobility and hope of the gospel to those affected by disability worldwide. People with limited mobility are tragically often excluded from life in their communities because they have no way of moving around. Receiving a wheelchair allows them to attend school and church, therefore becoming part of their communities and villages, changing their lives forever. For more information, visit their website or contact:
Cindy or Marshall Dunbar
Chair Corps CT, State Coordinator Wheels for the World
Joni and Friends, IDC 203-235-4686

What can be donated?
In addition to wheelchairs we collect folding aluminum walkers, metal crutches, canes and wheelchair parts. We are unable to collect wooden devices as the humidity and insect infestation in some locations make unsuitable conditions for wood. Any wooden devices that we receive are passed along to Easter Seals. We cannot accept electric wheelchairs or scooters, but can direct you to someone who does.

What about other medical devices?
Larger medical items, shower chairs, beds, bedside commodes, medical supplies, P.T. devices, etc. are not accepted by WFTW. Here in CT we are building a network of loan-closet contacts that often need, and can use, the items we cannot. If you have such a donation we can assist you in getting it to someone locally that can benefit from it. No money ever exchanges hands for these donations.

If you or someone you know has equipment that they want to be rid of, ask them to call us. We can arrange to have the equipment picked up. Mobility devices can be written up on a tax receipt for those who want them.

We do not loan out wheelchairs, walkers, etc. but can direct you to a local organization that may be able to help you.