Angel Tree

This year we will again have an angel tree in our sanctuary, a Christmas tree filled with tags of people who could use a special blessing from you this Christmas. In past years the names were only of children. This year we will be adopting entire families; there will be no names, just age and gender of each family member, and a suggestion of what they are wishing for this year. We ask that you try to keep your gift(s) to about $25.00 – $30, so they will be equal in value among family members. Children do notice if their sibling receives a bicycle and they get a pair of mittens. The tag MUST be returned with your gift, in order that they are delivered to the right person.

The tree will go up on, November 30 with the names ready for Sunday. Gifts will need to be brought to church on Sunday, December 8. This is a short window for shopping, just a week; we hope you will still want to participate in this opportunity to bless some less fortunate family in our community.